Monday, April 23, 2012

November 2011- San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California- The City by the Bay, Fog City, SF; This city no longer feels like a tourist destination for me, but more of a second home, really. I go there nearly every year, with family there, it makes a good getaway from the cold Toronto weather with its all year round warm and cool weather. The city has its iconic features like Alcatraz Island, its cable cars, the steep roads, Lombard St., and the Golden Gate Bridge of course.

I also spent some time at Fisherman's Wharf aka Tourist Land, simply because I wanted to be a tourist for a day. And it turned out they had a really beautiful Christmas tree too, similar to the one I found at Union Square the first day.

So every time I visit San Francisco, I try to do something new and different. This time was no different. With my love for aquatic life, I visited the Aquarium of the Bay where I got to pet a shark, star fishes and sting rays. YES, a shark, it was awesome, cause if you didn't know already, I kinda like sharks.

Also, last year in 2010 visiting San Francisco, I rented a bicycle to bike to the Golden Gate Bridge like so many others, but this year I wanted the awesome, and that was the GoCar. Cruising around the city at 40mph including up the steep roads was sure better than pedaling on the bike. Also caught this gorgeous up close photo of the Golden Gate Bridge (with my phone camera).

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